Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy of our customers is an extremely important issue. And, as a policy officer, implemented in locations, it provides a good understanding of how personal information is collected, used and distributed by the organization. The collection of personal information.

On our site, personal customer information obtained through web sites and applications. The information is collected by users on sites or otherwise when delivered when an online application is used. The information includes names, email addresses and demographic information regarding gender, education, date of birth, preferences, interests and any other requested information from time to time.


Cookies are small files that collect personal information from customers and their experience with a site. And what steps can be taken to improve on. Cookies are a popular means of counting the number of computers that access a site, customizing the overall experience and remembering the preferences of the PC users. Call recording.

For the internal control and improvement of quality of service, reserves the right to incorporate calls. However, with respect for the wishes of the customers, here we give them the right to end a recorded conversation or ask the company not to fully understand the conversation.

Changes to the privacy policy

In the event of changes in personal information, this encourages customers to correct the information in the shortest possible time. This may also eventually change this policy from time to time. And if the policy changes are made, the company also changes the end date of "Last Update" to the extent that it will happen. Even if significant changes have occurred in politics, this will end customers immediately.

Use personal information clauses

Improve overall customer experience not only the sites but with global applications

Personal information used by us collected data to improve overall customer service experience

Not only to provide an adequate response to the comments and questions, but also to ensure a seamless customer experience

Perform an analysis to measure relative success or failure of promotions.

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